Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here a prompt, there a prompt

Let's face it: Right now, my primary job is to throw toys for the cat.

However, during April, I participated in the poem-a-day prompt on the Poetic Asides blog on the Writers' Digest site (in the house that Jack built…). And in May, a couple of people were offering prompts. So many prompts, so little time. I quickly got behind.

And then I realized that I was spending all my writing time on prompts, instead of on the creative avenues that I was wanting to explore. Enough of that, already!

While I love to participate, I needed, for now, to bow out. The prompts were great for sparking creativity, for battling the blankness of the blank page—but they were never designed to get in the way of other work.

Ha! And then I found
today's poem on Verse Daily. I immediately thought, "Hey, Poetry Throw-down" (think Bobby Flay Throw-down, or Iron Chef—and now you know more of my secrets). I haven't yet found how these lines hang together as a poem, but they are fabulous lines.

Start with any one, use it as a first line. After you're done, take off that first line, and you have your poem. But it's a prompt—so if you're already busy, forget it.

And I'll work on my poems and my cooking and my cat-toy-throwing and be glad for a little bit of garden in this gray.

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