Sunday, March 22, 2009

What have I been doing?

Heck if I know! Not writing, or it feels like I haven't been writing.

But I have been cooking. This morning, it was brunch.

Scones, a spinach, onion, mushroom and sun-dried tomato quiche, fruit salad, and green salad.

In other food news, Dana sent me information about a healthy recipe contest sponsored by the Kidney Health Fest for African American Families. I don't know whether I'll be able to provide an entry (it won't be quiche), and I'm not sure I can do anything that's low on the sodium side, but I wanted to pass the word along.

Now, I'm going to write. Really.


Dana said...

Dude, I am sitting here being all hungry but inexplicably unable to pry myself from this seat, and coming to your blog isn't helping matters. That food looks great!

Thanks for mentioning the contest. It's great to get the word out there. (I think you can do something low sodium. I have faith.)

Joannie said...

I appreciate your faith!

I'm thinking about something involving sole and tomato paste, with the Kalamata olives optional.

Premium T. said...

Those are some mighty tempting scones!