Monday, September 21, 2009


A ton of Merlot grapes looks like this. That was Saturday's work.

On Sunday, we tackled half a ton of Chardonnay.

Jamie feeding the crusher.

Chardonnay juice pouring out of the press.

Need a couple new blocks for the press? Having a woodshop right there is handy, especially when the winemaker knows how to use the tools.

Grape cake.

Big Basin #1 is almost full.


Michael said...

What a fascinating post. When it comes to wine, Chardonnay is my favorite. If i'm just enjoying grapes it's the dark black or purple I like best.

Wine making is so interesting. Seeing these pictures has me thinking wine and it's 9:00a.m. Is this a bad thing? ;)

T. Clear said...

Amazing stuff, Joannie!

Joannie said...

By now, it's after noon, so you're good to go (although Champagne is always good to go with brunch).

T., you're welcome to come on down to Georgetown and enjoy the experience in person. We're crushing again this coming weekend, and we'll even feed you.