Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new 'do

For a week now, I've been inspired by Martha Silano's interview with Susan Blackwell Ramsey over at the Best American Poetry Blog—especially Susan's description of "braiding my enthusiasms through poems..."

During the same week, I churned out a batch of prose poems—primarily for the entertainment of my colleagues at work. The prose poem is an unfamiliar territory for me, but I was captivated by its history in the surreal. Then I was wondering how I could take them up to the next level, and the image of braiding has resonated with me.

Now I want to go back and thread more consciously the images of corporate numbness and
Bulgakov-inspired insanity. (Witches—I need to get the witches in.)

I'd best to get work.

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out
Martha's posts at The Best American Poetry.

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Martha Silano said...

Joannie--your braided office-inspired prose poems are piquing my interest. Can't wait to see those! Thanks for the kind words about my interview with Susan Ramsey--she is a powerhouse. Very inspiring woman, for sure. Glad you were able to harness some of her fire.