Saturday, June 19, 2010

Locks of Love

Today, my daughter and I went for haircuts together. The ponytails went to Locks of Love. The rest went for booms in the Gulf.





T. Clear said...

Wow -- what an act of love!

Joannie said...

We had so much fun!

Martha Silano said...

You are both so amazing! You'll love the freedom of short hair, plus what a great cause.

roxken said...

When I was 6 I went from long to short hair, but instead of Locks of Love, the hank went to my sister so she could make an up-do. It was 1968; she was in high school. I like the oil boom cause, too. Got rid of some washed fleece that's only been cluttering the upstairs storage, waiting to get carded and spun (no wonder spinsters don't have spouses or kids!). Great mom/daughter project -- good for you!