Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ever eat a pound of butter?

Tonight, we had pie night. And for this rare occasion, I made a leek pie (it was supposed to be leek tart, but I've misplaced my tart pan) and then a tarte tatin for the dessert.

And I forgot to take pictures.

All this after attending a wonderful poetry reading by Susan Rich, Kelli Russell Agodon, Oliver de la Paz, and Allen Braden. The reading was at the Frye Museum, and the focus waas on ekphrastic poems. I wanted to come home and write ekphrastic poems. Instead, I made pie.

But I was able to work on some map poems today, and so it's time for gratitude.

I'm thankful for writing.

I'm thankful for all the inspiring poetry that's out there to hear or to read.

I'm thankful for community.

I'm thankful for a night hanging out with two of my kids (the oldest already had plans) and feeding them and hearing their stories.

I'm thankful I can still make my daughter laugh (even if she's laughing at me, it's still laughter).

All in all, a good Sunday.

Open the door. Open my heart.


Kells said...

Thanks for coming out! You looked gorgeous and it was so nice to see you.

T. Clear said...

My father-in law says, about a cube of butter, that they make it just the right size to fit on a piece of toast.

Leek tart: yum.
Tarte tatin: extra yum.

(One of these days I'll start going to readings again. I almost went on Sunday, but that drive over the bridge yet again deterred me. That's my excuse, anyway.)