Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry and grateful

This week, I am especially and extraordinarily grateful for my families--all of them.

Thursday we gathered at my mom's house for dinner with her and my sister and sister-in-law and my dad. Always fun to get that whole family together.

Friday, we cooked all day long. I'm grateful we were able to do that. I'm grateful for Saturday morning and our little family of five, all the laughter and excitement opening gifts. Then on Saturday afternoon, Tom's family came over. I'm grateful for that family, too--and for all the fun we had. Boisterous, laughing-until-crying fun. And all through, a feeling of gratitude (it felt more like Thanksgiving, but without turkey).

Finally, I'm thankful that I had yesterday to rest and even do a little writing.


Geoff M. Pope said...

I just finished reading your seven poems that conclude the *Many Trails to the Summit* anthology, and I’m thankful for them--the first three especially...after having lost to cancer a mentor last week and while currently helping to care for my wife’s hairstylist (of about 25 years) who recently started chemo...

Joannie said...

Geoff, I'm so sorry for your loss.

And I send well-wishes to your wife's hairstylist.