Monday, December 11, 2006

A phase of deletions

I'm in a phase of deletions—different from revising, in which one tries with passion and perseverance to fix what isn't working. Instead, I am throwing up my hands, sending stanzas and paragraphs to the virtual trashcan or the real recycle bin under the sink.

What leads me to give up? A sturdy realism, or an ingrained lack of confidence? Some days, nothing I write looks right. Some days, nothing I wrote the day before looks worth salvaging. But in all this refuse, my revision muscles become lax. I need to keep a thing or two just to work on it—knowing it will eventually fail, but for the things it might teach me in the meantime.

The trick, I guess, is knowing when to let it go, and that decision will come later. I'll need the confidence then.

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L said...

You are a writer because you write. Rejection can only make us feel more alive. Your poetry has touched my life in so many ways. Your poems to me, about my family and my loss, your words --have filled my heart with love, undrestanding and compassion. Failure is a state of mind. Don't let that cycle of grief take you away. Let the letters come and go. As does life.
With great love and admiration,