Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Sometimes in the bounty of rejection letters, I lose sight of the acceptances—not to mention the other happy little good things that are going on. As the year winds to its final day, I want to take a moment to focus on the acceptances—a little "accentuate the positive" action—and to acknowledge some of the people and publications who have been supportive.

These thanks go out to David D. Horowitz, of Rose Alley Press, who is such a tireless supporter of poetry and who has been so kind to me and my work.

These thanks go out to Illya's Honey, which has published my poems over the years, and to JAMA, which has published my work recently.

To Floating Bridge Press, for being such a great press for more than a decade, and to Cranky, for being one of the best new cool kids on the block. These are just a few, plus Crab Creek Review and Heliotrope and others.

These thanks go to John and Christine, for being wonderful. And to Greg and Judy and Susan and Anne and Darby and Mercedes and Laurie and Bonnie and Nancy, for their friendship and for continuing to inspire.

Finally, to my family, who puts up with me and loves me through all of it.

Here's to one year closing and another opening up just like some winter rose.

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