Monday, August 27, 2007

A myth that fits

We're all still blissing out on cat love, along with the often frenetic LIFE WITH KITTEN. And it's Daniel's seventeenth birthday today. And Claire had freshman high school orientation today. So life other than writing is front and center.

That said, I'm still working on that next direction, and I wanted to ground it in a myth or story—a known myth or story. But I don't know which one, and there is a lot of information to sift through.

I started with a high-level look at the Greeks. I could move on to the Romans, but do they have any additional stories (or is it just that the names have changed)?

Where to next? Those wild Etruscans? (Did they have a myth system? Doesn't everyone?) The Norse? (No one leaps to mind there, but it's been a while.)

I'm wishing I had a reverse directory ("I need a goddess who…").

In the meantime, I added a few more poems to the sofa, including a poem that I wrote after the 2006 Sago mining disaster in West Virginia.

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