Monday, August 20, 2007

When more is more?

(Warning: potential whine)

Today I put a couple more poems on the sofa website, and I was thinking about work and how to write more and more deeply. Start with more, because I suspect I'm not working nearly long enough or hard enough? On Bemsha Swing, the current recommendation is two hours a day (I'm trying to start with 30 minutes and that doesn't include any weblog activity or even reading poems).

But will sheer time do it? (I'm having my doubts about that.)

If I write more, I'm sure my writing will improve—eventually, at least a little. But that brings up two questions:

Isn't it about more than time?

But if more time will do the magic trick, why am I not spending more time writing? Why am I letting myself and my work and my dream down?

I already harbor a suspicion that I didn't put enough effort into my fleeting modern dance career, and I've tried to promise myself that I won't make that mistake again. But the distractions run, rampant.

A few years ago, I even tried to write a poem about it.

How do you stay focused? How do you persist with your efforts and your best efforts (and still have time to make dinner)?

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ka said...

Hi J-

I'm much more serious about time now than in my 20's. Then it seemed like a limitless opportunity, sort of like free refills of soda and fries at Red Robin, now, I notice how quickly time slides past me. I'm Catholic, we carry a fear of death with us that others may not have, just because of this I'm constantly thinking about time.

As for your question how do I stay focused and still make dinner? Thankfully, it's my husband who does all the cooking, but when he's away, we eat light. Also, I let a lot of things slide and choose writing instead. I guess as my time has been tightened due to having a family now, I tend to say "good enough" to the domestic chores--things I have never been good at anyway--and try to always put my writing before anything else. Rule #1-- I never clean house when no one is home as that is prime writing time.
Rule #2--BFD: breakfast for dinner--breakfast foods can always be made faster than dinner foods, think breakfast burrito. Rule 3- easy short hairstyle: this has cut major time off of my day.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, just some thoughts