Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Monday

Did you try memorizing the Frank O'Hara poem?

For me, I'm realizing that I probably won't be able to recite each of these poems by memory whenever I want to, but the value of the exercise is in gaining that greater intimacy with the poem.

This week's memorization adventure is brought to you by Emily Dickinson:

He fumbles at your Soul
As Players at the Keys
Before they drop full Music on –
He stuns you by degrees –
Prepares your brittle Nature
For the Ethereal Blow
By fainter Hammers – further heard –
Then nearer – Then so slow
Your Breath has time to straighten –
Your Brain – to bubble Cool –
Deals – One – imperial – Thunderbolt –
That scalps your naked Soul –

When Winds take Forests in their Paws –
The Universe – is still

— Emily Dickinson

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