Monday, October 15, 2007

Memorize: Uncle

Live and learn.

I had a grand plan of memorizing a poem a week. It wasn't a bad idea, but maybe it was a little too ambitious. Now, I say, "Uncle!"

I still think that memorization is a great tool for understanding work—my own or anyone else's. But one poem a week, I've found, is too much. I'm not giving the poem its due, and I'm forgetting them as soon as I move on to the next poem. That was not the point.

So I'm revising my ambitions to better achieve them: a poem a month. I want to stick with the Frost poem for all of October and really give myself time to internalize it.

Allowing enough time for that poem will give me some time to write and revise some of my own poems—oh, and update the website.

After a brief hiatus, during which I was trying to edit a little video (it isn't done yet), I'm featuring one of the proverb poems on the sofa. So plump up the pillows, bolster the bolsters, and take five, take a nap, or read a poem.

Happy Monday!

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