Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poetry on the road

I've been trying to figure out how to combine poetry and travel. Wouldn't it be great to stop in at a reading or two while on vacation? Experience some of the local poetry scene?

Few of my journeys have a literary theme. It's either pure vacation or it's a furniture junket (my attempt to help my husband sell his work). But, because these are pretty much the only times I get out of town, I'd like to mix in a little poetry.

Sounds easy, right?

I tried searching online for local readings, but I came up empty. This leads me to think that either other places don't have nearly the poetry activity that I find in the greater Seattle area, or I'm not approaching it the right way.

I thought about checking the local papers online ahead of time. And now that seems like a totally obvious tactic.

Any other ideas? How do you connect with poetry in other places?


Tom Stangeland said...

Recite poetry spontaneously! I find snorkeling a great activity to practising my delivery! I include poems in all of my drinking games and find it a good way to stay focused while competing in pie eating and hot dog eating contests.

Joannie said...

Oh, gee--can you tell we're related? Now Tom knows of my secret agenda to fit a little poetry in around the snorkeling.