Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twitter away!

I've been telling myself that I don't want to work on a series. I just want to write. And yet, I feel like I haven't been writing. Not much. I've been revising, and I've been doing a tiny bit of free writing that tends to bore me almost immediately. But it hasn't felt like writing.

At the same time, I've been thinking about the paintings and drawings of Paul Klee. While I've been telling myself that I don't want to work on a series, I've been thinking, "Wow, wouldn't it be fun to write a series on the work of Paul Klee."


One-click ordering on can be a beautiful thing, and now I have two books (one is a kids' book and it is really cool). I can spend as much time as I want getting to know this art, and in color.

Previous attempts at ekphrastic poetry, poems based on art, have centered on work by Van Gogh. And based on something I read somewhere (not too specific), the Brueghel painting "The Hunters in the Snow."

But I'm looking forward to inspiration from Klee's "The Twittering Machine" and "Where Eggs Come From…and the Juicy Joint."

How's that for a title?

What about you? Have you written poems based on paintings or photographs or pieces of music? Which ones? How did it go?

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