Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On her blog, Kelli makes a practice of Confession Tuesdays.

I confess that I am not organized enough by Tuesday, but I can confess on Wednesday.

Today I confess that I am haunted by punctuation—misplaced apostrophes (it's its when it's possessive) and commas that strand the subject from its verb. I let my inner editor get in my way.


While trying to explore various technology questions at work, I found I could now see the slideshow from last November's LitFuse workshop. (Oh,
Mighty Tieton!)


While walking home from the bus, I was listening to music and I heard a song by Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra—a song that I had choreographed to back when I was a younger woman. It was so much fun.


Now I need to work on my NaPoMo poem-a-day poem—something with a twist!

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