Saturday, April 19, 2008

You do not need to adjust your screen

April 19th, on Seattle's Capitol Hill

Earlier, in a brief weather lull (with sunglasses!), I hurried over to Open Books and brought home an armload of poetry. My future is looking like Robert Hass, Osip Mandelstam, Paal-Helge Haugen, and more Tracie K. Smith.

Meanwhile, I'm going through Furious Lullaby again, and it has inspired me in a completely new direction on my main manuscript project. I am so excited that I wrote drafts, very rough drafts, of 12 poems, with ideas for several more. And that's the great thing (I think) about inspiration: No matter how much I aspire to write like someone else, it will always be different, will arrive, sooner or later, in my voice.

Who inspires you to write?

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