Thursday, May 1, 2008

Post-April wrap-up

I spent April writing a poem a day based on the prompts at Poetic Asides. A while back, Mr. So-Cal made the comment that I always say I'm going to write X amount, and then a few days later I say that I didn't or I haven't yet (he's right, by the way).

But in April, I did it, and some of those draft poems might be worth revisiting (and some I've already posted in draft form here). In the meantime, these are my titles from the past month:

1. First House, on First Ave.

2. Icarus's Mother

3. (a haiku, but it was about plumeria)

4. Briefly (okay, that's a pretty short title)

5. Her Usual (a Woman Who Is Afraid of Everything poem)

6. A Day of Resting

7. After Dinner

8. If I Must Paint You a Picture

9. When the Whistle Blows

10. Up on Kail Road

11. Spoon

12. Always

13. Water Also Flows Downhill

14. How the Mother Behaves (this title was required by the prompt)

15. Taxing, 1985

16. Tenderly

17. Sunday Visit

18. Schism

19. In the '60s

20. After the Whole Day

21. Dealer's Choice

22. Where Is the Nature

23. Crockery

24. Yellowstone, Already Years Ago

25. The Job I Could Not Keep

26. I Am So Over Dinner (another title required by the prompt)

27. Time to Hit the Ground Growing

28. At the End of a Winter and a Day

29. Trying to Keep Up

30. Not Such an End

I've learned quite a bit, including the insight that I need to work a little harder on my titles!

Happy May!

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