Sunday, May 25, 2008

Start laughing now

I have gone off the deep end.

I have planted corn.

From seeds. Hard golden nuggets.

I have little hope that any of them will grow.

I have no room for them in my garden, anyway.

All the prime real estate (good soil, good sunlight) was filled in by starts that I bought while that packet of seeds sat on my kitchen corner. So now the corn is tucked in the corners, and a few meager that seemed to poor for any plant I wanted badly.

As I hunkered down in the dirt and troweled out short trenches, a handful of seeds in my hand, I felt like Jack, or like Jack's mother—as though I were planting magic. And after I found as many places for the corn as I could, I planted some beans.

If any of it grows—and that's a mighty big if—I'll take a picture. It really will last longer!

Time to punch down (gently!) the bread, if it has risen. I may not be writing so much today, but I'm feeding something.

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