Tuesday, September 23, 2008

After morning rain, a day of sun and poetry

The reading on Sunday was fun, right down by Elliot Bay, it didn't rain, and it afforded me the perfect opportunity to hear Nancy Pagh and to buy her book No Sweeter Fat.

I loved hearing her read, and then when I opened her book, I could still hear her voice (one of the best parts about hearing poetry in person: it lingers). And the poems! Wow!

I finished the book today and felt a little sad. It's over, and even though I have a brand spankin' new copy of Nancy's Floating Bridge Press winning chapbook, I still want to go back and read No Sweeter Fat again, even the poems that I already read two or three times. Aside from the sensual delight and the poignant sharpness, they hold something for me to learn, and I need more time to find it.

What do you learn from reading other poets' work? Anything specific? Any specific poets?

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