Sunday, September 28, 2008

What next?

This morning I set aside a large block of time to put some new poems up on my website. But after I started working on that project, I realized that most or all of those poems were out in the world, under consideration. So that won't work.

I can wait until they all come back in the mail, or until it's been a year and I figure I'm not going to hear back, but these are poems for now. I'm hoping that after the November election, they will be irrelevant, or maybe just a reminder of what can go wrong.

Then I thought that I could send out some more poems. I even have it partially organized. But these poems are in my new manuscript. Can you send out poems even while you are submitting the manuscript that contains them to various contests or open readings?

And do I really need to worry about this? The statistical likelihood of getting a manuscript accepted and a poem in that manuscript accepted elsewhere sounds like the lottery or lightning.

Okay, I've managed to convince myself. Now I just need to wait for the grass to dry so I can mow the lawn (dandelions, clover) and maybe figure out what to do with this monster clematis.

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