Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art no one could stop

Or a woman no one could stop.

This morning at breakfast I opened the new issue of
Weber to find an interview with artist Pilar Pobil and gorgeous full-color pictures of her work.

Pilar grew up in Spain, and the introduction notes that, in that patriarchal society, she was discourage from pursuing her love of creating art. But when I read through the interview, it turns out that the two most important men in her life—her father and her husband—encouraged her art and her creativity. It was Pilar's mother, determined to raise a dutiful daughter, who discouraged her and threw away her work.

Pilar married, moved to the United States, and raised a family before she began to sculpt and paint. It appears that she has been making up for lost time ever since. Read the interview!

This issue also contains poems by Sunni Brown Wilkinson (and others). I was especially taken with these lines:

Annie whispers to the flies
aujourd'hui terre chanson.
If there were oranges on the trees
I could eat and never die.

(from "As Annie Walks to the P.O." by Sunni Brown Wilkinson)

I just checked the website, and the new issue is not listed yet. I hope they put it up soon—but if not, Weber is worth a subscription.

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