Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need a new image

It's a little thing, but do you have any ideas?

I've been sending my manuscript out everywhere. Really, everywhere. Chapbook, full-length, everywhere.

At some point, I'll cringe too much at all the entry fees and the postage (which we now know is going up). But for now, I'm still sending it everywhere. And the image I get is "carpet bombing." But that is not a good image. I don't support any image of bombing, and that's even worse than the others.

But "leave no stone unturned" makes me think of moss. A little too passive.

Got another good way to describe blanket submission? (That one isn't working for me either.)


Kristin said...

--Allowing unknown potential audiences the opportunity to see your work.

--Sending your work off to make new friends.

--blanketing the world with your poems.

--supporting the Post Office and various small presses with your postage and entry fees (your creative tithe!).

--redistributing your poetic wealth (and economic wealth too, if you're entering lots of contests and mailing via USPS).

Joannie said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I especially like the idea of sending the work off to make new threads.