Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health care is so about poetry

And art. And music, dance, any kind of self-employment.

Where would you work, what would you do, how would you contribute if you didn't need to worry about getting health care through your employer? Or your partner getting health insurance? What would he or she do?

And if you don't have health care through a job or otherwise, feel free to chime in, speak up, speak out now.

Health care benefits make a mighty big case for the day job, but is that the best scenario?

Lately, when hearing all of the scaretic, I keep coming back to three questions:

  1. What about all the people who don't have health insurance?

  2. Do you really think that private, for-profit insurance companies don't come between you and your doctor?

  3. Have you tried to get individual health insurance through a private provider recently? (Maybe it's better now, but my last two experiences were, well, not good.)
Much is buzzing around the Internet. If you haven't seen them, here are two links.

Yeah, I might be preaching to the choir, but it's a mighty big choir. How can we make ourselves heard?


Demeter said...

Interesting post ... we have a healthcare system in Belgium here, tough on self-employed people but usualy ... one gets around. If poetry is officialy your profession however ... tough

T. Clear said...

Ah. I have private insurance, and it's a bit like being on a teeter totter. At first, they (Regence) rejected me because of my (their words) "poor health". What a joke. I appealed, and my family physician wrote a letter disputing their claim of "poor health", and I won, but boy did it leave a bad taste in my mouth.
The system is broken and needs fixing.

Joannie said...

Demeter, thanks for providing information on Belgium. I think that looking at other systems already in place is a must (especially since some of them have been in place for decades). And I realize that poetry as a profession is tough--not just for health care, but for groceries; but I still think that health care provides the day-job handcuffs (speaking as someone with a full-time day job).

T., I've had my own private insurance debacles (switching coverage in the middle of the stream, etc.). I'm glad your doc was able to help and your provider finally figured it out.