Sunday, August 30, 2009

The price of strategy

Who knew?

I had three poems that were medical in nature, and I wanted to send them to the Bellevue Literary Review. Their website indicated that although they read year-round, they began reading in earnest in September. So I thought I'd wait until September, or almost then.

Not such a good move. Today, their website indicates that they now have a huge backlog of submissions and are closed to new submissions until further notice.

Dang it!

Every submission is a long-shot, sure. But this is where my good thinking got me. Back to the drawing board, or the Poet's Market. (I already have work under consideration or pending at the other three medicine-related venues I know of, so why am I complaining?)

A few days ago, while watching a rerun of Deadwood, I heard Al Swearengen say, "Whenever we announce our intentions, God begins to laugh." Or something close to that.Knowing the show, I'm betting it's a quotation from somewhere (Shakespeare? the Bible?). Either way, it's been a good reminder for me to stay loose. Plan, but don't count on anything.

How do you strategize? (Or do you?)

How do you adapt when plans have to change?

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