Monday, October 5, 2009

Catching up

Busy doings chez nous. Tom has been leaving early and staying late to punch down the wine. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I made it out of the house with him.
Yes, this is in the morning.

Carbon dioxide escapes as part of the fermentation process, and bubbles up. (Sorry you can't see the bubbling action.)

Two barrels of fermenting Chardonnay.

One big bucket of fermenting Chardonnay. It has just started (and it doesn't look like wine, but it does look like fermentation).

Using the high-tech setup to pull out some Merlot for brix measurements.

Measuring the brix.

The next day, that Chardonnay is really cooking. And the shop does smell like bread rising. It's all about the yeast (for now).

This past Saturday, we crushed two more tons of grapes, a ton of Cabernet Franc and a ton of Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes were pretty, and pretty sticky, and we were all pretty tired by the end of it. I don't have pictures because I was putting all my energy into getting it done. But maybe tomorrow I can make it to that early morning punch-down.


Michael said...

Joannie - I've really been enjoying your wine making pictorals.

Joannie said...

I'm glad, Michael. I'll try to include more. It just depends on whether I can get up and out of the house that early.

T. Clear said...

Joannie, you're almost keeping baker's hours! I'm fascinated by this wine-making process.

Jane said...

Something about all this is begging for a comment using the words "fruits of your labor." Very cool photos. Thanks for sharing this.