Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wrapped up or hanging?

Where have I been?

Apologies for the long absence. Work has been a study in stress (although I might get one or two more poems out of it), and last week was Reading Deprivation week in the Artist's Way. (Okay, reading deprivation three and a half days, which is how long I was able to last.)

Reading deprivation doesn't mean writing deprivation, but somehow it worked out that way. Time to get my game on again.

When I did start reading, I read a lot of poems. And I noticed that many of them try to create closure. Back when I started this blog, I talked about coming full circle, admitting I had a weakness for that. I wanted to wrap up the poem, maybe with a cymbal clash.

Then I think of all that advice to lop off the last few lines.

Do you prefer to bring the poem home, or do you like to leave the reader hanging?

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