Saturday, May 22, 2010

In sorrow. In memory. In appreciation.

Dan and Beth

Our dear friend Dan passed this past Wednesday, as the rains blew in over the Sound. I've been thinking a lot about our friendship, and the example he set out--how to live a good life. Our hearts are with him, and our hearts are with Beth and his family.

I feel like I should explain more, and it's hard. I met Dan in 1982, when I suddenly needed a home. A classmate recommended her shared household. It was an absolute dump--but Dan was the house manager, and he said that if I passed approval of all the other tenants, I could move in.

It was a glorious summer. My friends in this new house, Toad Hall in Seattle's University District, ran together, hiked together, and went out for breakfast. (Honestly, I'm better at breakfast than at running or hiking, but they were pretty patient.)

We shared plenty of pots of coffee, arguments about cleaning the dishes, and philosophical conversations on the porch. We played music in the kitchen and banged on what pots and pans we had. Dan introduced me to my husband. (I had no idea at the time.)

We moved to other addresses. We stayed in touch. Dan built communities and lasting friendships. In these past few days, we have come together. In sorrow. In memory. In appreciation.

Dan, cheers to you! And a Guiness for good measure.


Martha Silano said...

I'm saddened to hear of your loss, Joannie.

T. Clear said...

Sending my love, Joannie. The friendship you shared was truly a treasure.

Joannie said...

Thank you, Martha and T.