Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bus poem reminder

Have you submitted your bus poem yet? The contest is open to residents of King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties in Washington State. It's an online submission form, and I now I've sent mine in.

Just for fun, here are the two fifty-words-or-less poems that I didn't send:


She lies very still, tries to connect
one world to the next, hold her dreams
as though she carried a full bowl.

She sits up.
The vessel becomes a sieve.

Fatigue is the thread that fills both her worlds.
Some day, she will remember.
Some night, she will sleep.

When the Window Stays Dark

What lark wakes me?
Or is it a common robin
singing into the dark?
The moon floats nearly full,
floods its light onto frost—
seasons spring with winter.
My dreams spill
onto the carpet,
mingle with this poem
that keeps me from sleep.

When you have only fifty words, half the fun is in finding the right title. As far as I know, there is no official limit on length (although it still has to fit on a bus placard).

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