Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bateau biking

It's Tuesday morning, and I'm getting ready to ride the long way to work. I've also spent a fair amount of time trying to talk myself out of it. So far, I'm losing the argument.

While cycling last week, I had some time to think not only about how long it takes me to get somewhere, but how I get somewhere. I am very slow on my bike, so a 35-mile roundtrip gives me plenty of time to ponder.

I have identified four kinds of cycling:
  • Cruising/coasting: It's easy and you feel good.

  • Pushing: Attacking a hill (or pedaling really hard on a flat or even a downhill—which I generally do not do).

  • Recovering: After pushing.

  • Bateau biking.

What do boats have to do with bicycles? Good question!

I've been trying to be smart about protecting my knees (now, there's a first). When I start to flag on a hill, I gear way down, so that I'm pedaling with no resistance. It's slow, but it's also kind of leisurely.

I imagine myself in some beautiful floral dress and a hat with a ribbon riding along the side of the lake. It has a feeling of boats and water and freshness and ease.

I'm grateful for any ease I can get. Even if the joggers can pass me.

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