Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yesterday was Bike to Work day, and another long ride across the lake—sunny and festive on the way there, windy and gray on the way home. I'm getting stronger and better able to take advantage of downhill speed when the road starts to rise. Momentum.

When I read yesterday's poem by Michael Pettit on the Verse Daily website, I also thought about momentum. The poem benefits from having no intervening punctuation (just a period at the end), but it also uses word choices and line breaks and subject to pull the reader along. I can see that the poem is doing it, but I still can't seem to get that feeling into my own work.

Any tricks or tips?

The sky is blue after a night of rain, but I can see the wind pushing the lilac and the roses and the pine tree up the hill. So I'll probably stay off my bike. Maybe I'll write.

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Peter said...

I like what you say about momentum. I think it is all of that: enjambment, number of syllables in words, rhythm, and line length, as well as image and meaning, that can propel a poem forward.