Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Get sated & saturated: a visual, historical feast

Yesterday, while poking around on the Slate website, I found a link to the Brooklyn Museum’s site on its installation of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. I had heard about this work for years—decades—but I didn’t really know that much about it.

Come to the virtual table and dig in.

It’s an inspiring start if you’ve been hungering to write some historical poems.

The site features photographs of the individual place settings along with short biographical articles on each woman and links to women whose stories might be connected or related in some way. The links include all the women whose names are written in gold along the floor. I’ve been exploring the site in little tastes and snacks, starting with Trotula, and I’m hoping to find some time to enjoy a more hearty repast—many courses.

In the meantime, my little Camargue project has led me to Ra, so my next stop is The Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s kind of handy that I already have a copy.

The forecast has said rain, but the sky is not falling right now, so I had better get outside and trim some of the verdant lushness around the fringes of my yard. (Really, it’s quite out of control.)

P.S. You can probably tell that I still don't quite understand this labeling concept.

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