Friday, June 8, 2007

10 reasons why I shouldn't go to the poetry reading

Because the bus was late.

Because my daughter needs a folding poster board
for a science project.

Because I won't get to eat dinner.

Because the poems will all be experimental.
I won't understand them.

I won't fit in.

It looks like rain.

Because I'm going out again
tomorrow night.

Because I need something to wear.

Because on the way home I saw two brown shoes
placed by a telephone pole,
but they weren't my size.


I ran out of reasons at nine,
so I went out for some poetry
and a glass of cheap wine.

Cheap Wine and Poetry at Richard Hugo House, with the launch of the latest issue of When It Rains from the Ground Up.

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B said...


Glad you made it to "Cheap Wine and Poetry." I hope you had a good time. Thanks again for publishing your work with us. I really enjoyed your poem.