Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the writing life, in the writing life

"Walking, and falling."

(Remember that, from Laurie Anderson?)

I continue to be inspired by Kelli aka Leonardo's posts about the writing life. (Thank you!) I get the feeling that not only is she writing, but that she is seeing the other parts of her day and her life through the lens of being a writer and writing.

That sounds obvious. Don't we all do that—don't I do it, at least on my best days?

But to me, the distinction is more subtle, or perhaps more deep. Maybe what's coming across is a greater, more constant commitment. It doesn't feel like a life to be negotiated or taken on in baby steps. My inclination is to take the small steps (I'll try this, and then I'll try this…). I'm not sure how else to do it, but I also sense that the incremental approach may not be enough.

Instead, I get an image of walking toward the edge of a ledge—a cliff—and jumping: trusting that there is water below and that it is deep enough and blue and possibly warm.

How do you look at writing—around or at the center of all the rest of your life?

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