Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poetry in the city

A new crop of poetry is on the Seattle buses. It's enough to make me store my bike and ride more. I want to see new poems!

I especially liked the story about The Learning Tree preschoolers. Karen Campbell, their teacher who sent in their poem, used to coach my daughter's soccer team.

Here is the poem that I sent in, a poem that I wrote as a follow-up to This Hard April.

The Half Awake

Late blossoms fly in a gust, a swirl
of days we dreamed,

our snow without winter.
One year. Still a shock

when half the bed is bare.
Again the wind blows cherry blooms

into the street, ornamental branches left
with only leaves that grow large

and green without mercy.

And now, it's time to ride. After all, we have places to go and poems to read!

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