Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That next step

As poets, as writers, we can spend a lot of time thinking about publication, spend a lot of work (plus stamps) trying to get published. There are the magazines and journals, and then there are books.

After you get that book published, the next step is to sell it. Sure, this sounds mercenary. (Sorry.) But I'm wondering: How do you sell the book that you've waited so long to see published?

While I'd love to think that the work will sell itself (in a perfect world), chances are that the book won't just grow legs and walk out the door in its own fancy shoes.

Readings are one way. But can you read too much (in less literary terms, can you saturate your market)?

What about other ideas? How about ads? How about fliers? Do you think reviews help?

Partly, I think we want to get our work out there. Partly, I know that I want it to have been a good experience for those who published the work.

I'm just wondering whether you have any different ideas, any special tricks up your metaphorical sleeves.

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