Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And just when you finally have time to sit down and write

all those ideas that have been knocking at the door,
pulling at your ear, brushing your face like cat whiskers,
enticing you like the pictures in a travel brochure,
shadowing you on the city bus or in the coffee line,
and generally sticking to you like gum on your shoe
suddenly vanish the way a spring rain arrives
and then moves on, evaporates, leaves only
the sharp, electric smell, and then even that is gone.


Jo said...

Ideas do come in inopportune times,
and are swept aside in the moments of time: which usually pull us away in another direction. Thus becoming a fleeting thought or idea. I like your line: brushing your face like cat whiskers, but then again I'm partial to animals, never thought to put in writing. Like your ditty here a nice writing in itself. Yur crocus also very pretty!

Zephyrus said...

lol, don't you just hate it when that happens?