Sunday, March 9, 2008

One crocus!

Back in December, I planted many bulbs. I envisioned a meadow. I saw parking-strip grass. My mother pointed out that December was not so long ago and I should be patient. I pointed out that evidence indicated the neighborhood squirrels had feasted on my dreams.

Lo, this week, I saw a bloom. Just one, but it made me so happy.

(Next year, I shall follow Laurie's example and put red pepper and black pepper right in the holes. They shall be well-seasoned flowers.)

Is there a poetry connection? Yes!

Sending out the many, many poems is like planting all those bulbs. Maybe only one work is accepted, but how exciting it is! And, as with planting, I always hope that the yield may increase next year, just as I hope that my work will grow.

1 comment:

Calder said...

Beautiful bloom and a great analogy. Best of luck on your flower blossoms and your acceptances vs rejections.

Happy holiday weekend!