Sunday, March 16, 2008

One little silver lining

Most poets don't make a lot of money, or maybe any money, by writing poetry. It is largely an unpaid art.


Even as the rejections have been arriving, steady as the gray rain, I realized in one moment yesterday that I didn't have to care all that much. I can take comfort in the writing, the act of creating, the doing of it. That is a lovely luxury.


Kelli said...

I completely agree!

Calder said...


For sure. If you didn't send any out, you wouldn't receive rejections, but you wouldn't get any of those smiling acceptances either. The rejections make us obsessed, addicted writers try a little harder to write better and research more i suppose. Seems like it all goes in cycles anyways, the balance of good and bad keeps us coming back.

I enjoyed reading you tnight and I will fave you and return. Best of luck!!