Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun, and more fun

Tonight, I had a fun time—a marvelous time—reading with Jack McCarthy and Martha Silano.

And I had a chance to ask Martha about the inaugural poem contest (?), which I first read about on her blog, more than a week ago already. You can get the full details on her blog—but the basic idea is to write an inaugural poem that uses one line from any poem in this year's Best American Poetry by December 5. Yes, very soon. Start writing now. Were you wondering what to do on that Friday after Thanksgiving?

I am so, so embarrassed to admit that I do not yet have a copy of Best American Poetry 2008. If I can find one this weekend, I'll give this a try.

Think of it as one more way to celebrate the election.

(I remember reading Maya Angelou's poem for Bill Clinton's 1992 inauguration: I was hunkered over my big pregnant belly reading the poem by flashlight the day after our wild Inauguration Day wind storm.)

For the many details, see Martha's blog.

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Martha Silano said...

Hi Joannie,

I definitely have warm fuzzies this morning about last night's reading. Edmonds Bookshop is a dreamy place to read, isn't it? A place crammed with literature. Brie and crackers. Three fab poets (no modesty here!). And a packed house, what more could we have asked for? I'd read with you again in an iamb!