Sunday, November 9, 2008

Left, left

"I left my wife
and 49 kids
on the verge of starvation
without any gingerbread left
left, left, right left."

Remember that one?

Thanks to my recurring reluctance to repeat a word in a poem, unless it's really intentional in a them kind of way, I am today trying to find another word for "left" (in the wife and gingerbread sense).

Preferably also monosyllabic. "Abandoned" feels a little too long and too strong.

I have several hours left.


Jane said...

"...but I love my country
so whoop-de-doo (quick-change step here)
left, left..."
Sorry, I just couldn't resist. I know I used to chant this while walking in step alongside childhood friends, and my daughter will recall if I taught it to her.
As far as monosyllabic words to use for "left", it would be good to know more about the context. There's always "junked, quit, dropped" which don't seem very poetic. Good luck!

Joannie said...

I love the whoop-de-doo!

I ended up (so far) with "packed away," as in

Stacks of crates and cartons packed away/years ago