Monday, July 27, 2009


Jane posted a photograph of her beautiful new collage.
I guess life is always a collage, scraps and snippets colliding to become something new, moments arriving and going away, people connecting. I know, that seems obvious. But sometimes, it's a celebration. Sometimes, it's overwhelming. And lately, it's been careening back and forth between the two extremes.
A bit about what's been happening around here:
FSA Grand Prix bicycle races. A lot of cheering from the sidelines.
An acceptance from Painted Bride Quarterly!
Tom's birthday dinner. Four courses, including gnocchi!
A romantic Saturday lunch at Place Pigalle, and an intriguing conversation about a painting. Weekend birthdays last all weekend.
Deadlines at work. A crazy Friday.
Shooting down the street from poetry group last Wednesday. The definition of tragedy, senseless, loss.
And now we're in a heat wave.
How is the summer treating you?

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Jane said...

Life and death are so random, yet artists (incl. writers and visual artists, of course) still try to make sense of it all. Thanks for the "shout out" Joannie. Congratulations on your acceptance! I want details - what, when,...