Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deadlines? Did I mention deadlines?

In addition to last week's crazy work deadlines, I know that contest deadlines are coming up. How do I avoid missing them?

See how in the new Writer's Guide to Office video, Don't Miss a Deadline! This little solution pairs OneNote and Outlook, so that you can keep an easy-to-read history of which contests you've entered and get a gentle reminder that it's time to send out your manuscript.

Also, a couple of people have asked me whether I've tried the solutions in my videos, so I want to answer that: Yes. This is the way I work. The video series started out by trying to explain how I use OneNote or how I put together a manuscript. I realized it would be easier to show someone. And I'm always eager to hear more about how you work.

How do you keep track of deadlines and get your work in on time?


Kells said...

My iTouch takes care of everything.

I use Google Calendar and ToDo Tasks with a list of upcoming deadlines/contests I want to submit to.

Basically, I take some time every couple of months and add any new deadlines I want to enter or add them from CRWOPPS as they come up.

If I miss it, it's because of me and not because I wasn't organized.

If something is really important, I put in Google calendar and have it email me a note 1 week, 2 weeks, or 2 days in advance so I don't miss it.

I was an avid PalmPilot user as well as someone who kept a daytimer for 10+ years, so this is just the electronic form of that...and I love it.

Joannie said...

Wow, you're really organized! I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing your system.

Dawn said...

Thanks - I have never used OneNote. I'm going to check it out now. I do have it one my laptop.

Joannie said...

Great, Dawn. If you want to see how I use OneNote when I'm writing poetry, I put that in a video, too.