Friday, July 27, 2007

3…2…1… Launch

My new poetry website:

Why a website? Why a sofa?

I don't get out much. Other people—some other people—don't get out much. And some of my poems don't get out much.

I remember this wonderful commercial from the '90s in which a woman was lounging on a divan and looking languid and exotic and a salesman was trying to explain to her why she wanted wireless. She looked bored until he said, "It will bring the Internet to your sofa."
She looked up. "To my sofa?!"

I thought, "That's me!" (except for the exotic part).

So I decided to make myself a virtual sofa and supplement my publication efforts by putting some of my poems online—dance poems for my dance friends to read, proverb poems because they work best in a batch, and a few other things.

This is an early version. I plan to add more poems and even more media. I'm also hoping to make it look a little swankier.

But here it is: a little metaphor, a lot of HTML, and maybe a pillow.

Feel free to stop by anytime.

And now, it's time for me to get back to writing.

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