Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's the story?

If last summer was my summer of reading Louise Gluck, this must be my summer for retro reading—first Frank O'Hara and now Roberta Spear. I'm experiencing something in her poetry that I can't quite name, so I'm working on that.

I thought I'd start with the Gregory Orr four elements (and throw a little rhythm analysis in).

  • Music

  • Imagination

  • Story

  • Form
I got as far as imagination and story—but as soon as I think there's a story, I want to be able to follow it. Maybe it's my secret fiction writer sneaking in again.

What do you think? If you can follow a poem, do you need to follow it to the end? Or is that inhibiting or restricting the mystery that is so much a part of so many poems?


OPsophia said...

To whom it may concern,
This may be a silly reason to leave someone I don't know a comment, but at least it brings awareness to your blog, right? My name is Sophia Shelby and Roberta Spear was my mom. I was doing a google search of her name, as her 4th book just came out, just to see what I might find and I came across your blog. I guess I just wanted to say hi and thanks. It is a thrill for me to hear of random people who enjoy her writing, especially since so much of her writing is about our personal experiences. Anyways, that's all really. Thanks again. :)
Always, Sophia

Joannie said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I'm sorry for your loss, and I will pick up a copy of your mom's book. --j.