Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm feeling nostalgic already

Yesterday, kind of on our way home from the ferry dock, Tom and I stopped at Green Lake to see what the Poetess at Green Lake was up to on her last Sunday of a year of Sundays.

We walked the labyrinth and drew our circles and pinned them on the line. Then we each drew a card for our one-question interview.

(And after we left, I realized that I forgot to get even one crummy phone picture.)

On her site, aka Allin says:

The people I have come to know at Green Lake say they will miss me, they will miss the poet, the poet's presence. Do you hear?! They will miss the poet! That means they will be looking for you.

Dear Poets,
Have you heard? The world misses you!

Dear Poets,
They need you. They want you.

Dear Poets,
Wait at the door no more. Go to them.

What are we waiting for? What cool and unusual and friendly ways can we live and work as poets not just in our writing community but in our whole community?

I don't think I can come up with any ideas that are even a tenth as inspired as hers—but I guess that shouldn't stop me from trying.

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