Saturday, October 4, 2008

Maybe it all comes down to this

***Warning: Politics, not poetry***

Red, Blue
Conservative, Liberal
Republican, Democrat

but maybe the true dividing line

is whether you
watched "The West Wing" and enjoyed it
or you didn't watch "The West Wing"
(or you watched it once and didn't enjoy it
or you watched it weekly but only
because you had to share the TV with someone
who still had a crush on Martin Sheen).

I could say Bartlett for president.
I could even say Sheen for president.
For decades, I've wanted to say Patrick Leahy for president.
But I'm saying Obama for president.

And if the people need to elect a president they feel
they can sit down and have a beer with,
get down to the taverns now.



know what's funny? when it's america's voting season, the whole world knows about it.


when it's time for south africa to vote, no one is even a teeny little bit aware of it, not even us South Africans. we don't even know when it's time to vote.

very amusing.

it's safe to say america is very powerful when it comes to media stuff.

jeannine said...

Princess Leia for president?

Joannie said...

Vicki, good point! It seems that in the U.S. we hear about other countries' elections in the mainstream media only if there are tensions and threats of violence.
Jeannine, can you be a princess and a president at the same time? (She also knows how to handle a weapon.)
May the Force be with us all.


Who's Princess Leia?

Will have to google that.

Nope, I don't think a princess can become president. Too much damage control and the security will have to become REAL tight.


wait a minute - 'May the force be with us all' - isn't that from Star Wars!

Sorry, typical blonde moment.