Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What now?

I like to write in a series, and I've been amassing raw material since the beginning of September. Not writing every day, mind you (I wish and I should—but not, or not now). Even not writing daily, I have a good chunk of writing that could become poems or more poems or combine into poems.

I haven't yet gone back to look at any of it. Usually I'm noodling around a day or two later. This time, I thought it would be good to let it sit. Now, I admit I'm a little overwhelmed.

What was that about taking the plunge? It's time.

I've done this before, but I think I had a clearer idea. And maybe it's good that I don't. Maybe, if I don't wimp out, I'll explore new territory.

If you write a series, how do you approach it? One poem at a time, or as a whole?


~ said...


I like to write series in big long bursts of time. However, when I stop I'm always worried I won't remember what I was attempting, so I try to get a sort of outline down so I know where to go when I return

Joannie said...

Mmm... Good idea.

Premium T. said...

Series are difficult, as my poems tend to write themselves. I have a handful of dangling series out there, awaiting subsequent poems. It's not over yet!