Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up in the mountains

Yesterday, we took the tram up through Chino Canyon to Mount San Jacinto State Park. Last year, the park was closed because of fire danger, but this year, we were able to hike into the Round Valley camp and then loop back.

I tried to take a movie of the tram ride up, but it was a little longer than optimal video length (and I got a little tired). If I can edit what I captured, I'll post it later. Up at the top, I had fun exploring vistas and textures, and breathing in all that high, dry air.

On the way up.

Tom on the trail.

Other women bring a daypack. I brought a purse (but my waterbottle almost fit in it).

The grass was so brilliantly gold and the sky was so blue. My camera could only attempt to capture the colors.

Tom's favorite rock.

Round Valley.


Peter said...

Looks familiar!
Hope you're having a great time.

Jane said...

I LOVE the texture photos!

Premium T. said...

Great bark/trunk/wood photos.