Friday, October 17, 2008

Road trip!

I began Thursday morning down at the shop, stirring the Cabernet Sauvignon must. I wanted to take pictures, but my camera batteries died. Then I read poems online while Tom loaded up the truck with furniture. A lot of furniture.

The first day, we made it to Red Bluff.

Thursday morning in Red Bluff. That truck is packed!

More in Red Bluff.

Olive trees near Corning.

A lot of landscape Hours of it.

I thought that this was my least favorite part of the trip, but an hour or two later I looked back and realized that this, in comparison, was beautiful!


Finally into the hills!

Yesterday afternoon, we arrived in Pasadena and had dinner at Celestino's, an Italian restaurant we try to enjoy each year. This morning, we loaded all the furniture into the building for the Pasadena Craftsman Weekend. More pictures soon, depending on wifi connectivity.